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Subject: Brown ExperienceJack had been good friends with James for some time now, and they had
enjoyed many sexy moments, including a thorough exploration of watersports.
They were going to the beach that day and were looking forward to a
relaxing day of sun, sea sand and sex. The particular pedo preteen family beach that they aimed
for was a secluded part of a well known gay beach, so they need not feel
inhibited about their affection for one another.
Jack had long harboured a desire to indulge a fetish but was not sure how
James would react. He had read about a tribe of people in the preteen danish nudists far east who
had a unique punishment for minor crimes of preteens on tape theft. In addition to
recompensing the victim, the victim had the right to publicly humiliate the
felon by shitting on the back of the thief's head and neck in front of a
group of the tribe. If necessary, two members of the tribe would hold the
felon down while the act was performed. These two would also perform the
same act to ensure a sufficient volume of shit was administered.Jack had often masturbated while thinking of this and desired the same to
be done to him, preferably by James, his best friend.
Jack was thinking about this and somewhat lost in thought when he heard
James say "What a fab day. By the way, we are picking up Craig on the way"."Right " said jack, secretly disappointed, as there was now no way he could
bring up the subject. "You'll like Craig" said James " he's a really nice,
gentle bloke. I'm sure we can all have a little cuddle later "."Hi guys" coming towards them was a good looking guy . "I'm Craig "Craig came up and preteen viol kissed James on the lips. "This is Jack " said James
introducing me."Hi mate" said Craig and gently kissed jack on the lips. Jack felt his cock
stir..The three arrived at the beach, and walked along to the far, rather
secluded end.Craig and James had their arms around each other, Craig put his other arm
around Jack, and thus they walked. "I'm sure that we are going to be good
friends" said Craig. Jack had to agree, as he found Craig very sexy.
Craig had only recently met James, and was eager to form a threesome. They
eventually sat down on the beach and had a cuddle to get to know each other
better. "I hope that you guys are not offended if I ask you something" said
Craig. "Ask away" said James. "Are you into stuff like watersports ?" Craig
tentatively asked."As a matter of fact we are " said James . "Great " said Craig. "We are
going to have some fun!"It turned out that Craig was well travelled and had spent quite some time
in the far east."When I was in Java, I witnessed a really strange thing" said Craig "It was
quite revolting really but also I must confess to finding it very erotic to
watch"."Do tell us all " said James. Jack held his breath.
"There is a small tribe who lives on the east of Java in a remote location"
. They are very friendly people, and I was very privileged to spend some
time with them. nudistspreteen One of the tribe stole a minor article form another, was
caught, and had a rather unique punishment meted out to him"."What " asked James."A dozen members of the tribe walked dark preteen models
the man to the beach, and seemed eager
for me to accompany them " . "They were all very jovial about it and when
they noticed my worried look, they seemed to try to reassure me by grinning
at me and making a downward motion of their hands between their legs, while
blowing a raspberry.When a particular spot was reached, the thief together with the man
embracing him walked down to the shoreline, whereupon the thief went down
on his knees and bowed his head forward. His companion squatted down over
him straddling the back of his neck. Almost immediately, accompanied by a
loud fart, a brown turd emerged from the squatter's buttocks and slid down
the thief's neck. More emerged, landing on the thief's neck and the back of
his head. I watched in astonishment, and must confess to getting quite an
erection at the spectacle. Judging by the appearance of various bulges
between their legs, I was not the only cutie preteens biz one.Eventually, the squatter finished and stood up, leaving the thief with a
brown mess on his neck and the back of his head. He stood up and went into
the sea to cleanse himself while the rest of the party walked back towards
the village."
As Craig told this story, Jack got quite a legal preteen porn
large erection as did James and
indeed Craig, obviously remembering what he had seen."Imagine that , just shitting on somebody's head" said James."Is that something you would be prepared to do " asked Jack "mmm..possibly,
I don't really know " said James "I would" said Craig. "I reckon I would
find it quite erotic. I remember when the man walked away from delivering
his load he had a pretty massive erection, so he must have enjoyed dark preteen models
it."Jack will never know what made him say it but suddenly blurted out loud
"Would you do it to me?" at Craig. "Sure " said Craig "I'd love to try if
you're up for it"."Hey wait a minute" said James . "It's a bit mucky isn't it" ."If its just confined to shoulders and neck it should not be too dodgy"
said Craig, looking expectantly at jack. Craig stood up and put his hand
out to jack "Want to try over there by the shore line, ...we seem to be
quite private here.Jack stood up and took his hand, and the two walked to the shoreline hand
in hand."Wait for me " said James "I want to watch at least to see if it turns me
on""Why shouldn't it " grinned Craig "my story turned you on didn't it?"
Craig led jack by the hand down to the edge of the sea. "This seems a good
a place as any" he said to an apprehensive Jack. "I...I don't 3d picture preteen know about
this " said Jack "Don't worry " said Craig "I'll be gentle" and started to
gently push Jack down on to his knees. Jack knelt down and looked up at
Craig, who was removing his trunks to reveal a semi erect prick. "Turn
around and face the sea, said Craig " so that James can get a good look at
what is happening ".Jack turned around on his hands and knees so that he was facing the sea,
and as he did so he felt his own erection build up in anticipation of what
was to come.Craig straddled Jack and squatted down over his shoulders and neck as he
had seen the guys in Java do. "I won't move any further above your head"
said Craig "I'll just stay above your neck and shoulders".
Jack felt the soft touch of Craig's balls and cock as they brushed his back
and shoulders, and felt himself get really aroused now. They
waited. "Nothing seems to be happening " said James, getting very aroused
himself. "I can't seem to shit" said Craig "Oh ..hang on " A small dark
brown, hard turd emerged from Craig's arse and deposited itself on Jack's
back. Jack could feel the warm but small turd on his back, but had hoped
for a bit more. "I'm really sorry " said Craig voyeur preteen daughter "I had a good shit before I
came out and there's not a lot left. That's the best I russian preteen smokes can do for now." He
stood up over Jack's body. "I can do it" said James to everybody's
surprise and hurriedly preteen danish nudists took Craig's squatting posture over Jack. Jack felt
James' cock and balls brush his back and then something warm and soft nudistspreteen
almost immediately James started to shit.
Craig stood back amazed as a large light brown turd emerged from James's
bum and slithered onto Jacks back. A loud fart emerged as another semi
liquid turd splattered over the same position. This was closely followed by
another light brown offering, and another until Jack's shoulders and the
small of his back were covered in a brown mess. Finally with another fart
and a final splatter of brown, James finished and stood up. Jack now had a
massive erection as did James. Craig sank to his knees in front of James
and sucked his erect cock, placing his hand between James' bum cheeks to
feel some of the brown cream that Jack had been given, masturbating his own
cock to ejaculation while doing this. Jack stood up and pulled James down,
practically raping his mouth as he thrust his huge erection into his
friend's mouth. With a couple of thrusts he spurted his load down James'
throat, pulling his cock out just in time to release the remainder over his
face.Finally all three spent, Jack got up and together with the other two, went
into the sea to wash. "I just knew that we'd have some fun together " said
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